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Spain Fintech Hub


In order to promote the development of the financial technology sector ("Fin-Tech") in Spain, Entrepreneurs Fund Capital Partners, FINNOVISTA, the Forum of innovation and Tech-Rules, under the coordination of Spain Financial Centre, have created a platform to build an efficient ecosystem for the establishment, investment, development and international expansion of institutions and projects focusing on the creation, implementation, and evolution of technologies and digital concepts applicable to financial activity and to promote the deployment of these among companies and citizens.



The adoption of a collaborative approach among financial institutions and "fin-tech"entrepreneurship, will allow a better adaptation of the financial sector to the new context of technological change, so potential projects on these subjects will pursue to provide visibility, add value and promote national and foreign public and private investment in the Spanish "fin-tech" sector, through initiatives aimed at:


Building trust on financial services developed in Spainish digital environments and identifying competitive areas of the Spanish "fin-tech" sector and disseminating and articulating them around the world, promoting even trade missions abroad.

Increasing mutual understanding and interaction between the different agents involved in the "fin-tech" sector, both nationally and internationally, through the establishment of stable channels of information.

Guiding companies and entrepreneurs who are developing or planning to develop projects in this sector, in order to identify their needs and the channels through which to resolve their demands.

Reviewing international initiatives that can guide or complement those developed in Spain and establish channels of information and collaboration with public and private financial institutions, both national and international, in order to encourage financial contributions to this sector.

Promoting adequate training of technicians and managers in "fin-tech", allowing them to manage the transformation of the sector and boost the image of Spain as an international node for training in financial technology and encouraging the participation of companies and official institutions in the development and verification of the most advanced security requirements.

Reporting issues or points of consensus to regulators, both domestic and European, and the various financial associations, in order to collaborate in the development of a competitive, flexible, modern and efficient regulatory environment.


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