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  • Building trust in the financial services developed in Spain in digital environments
  • Identify competitive areas in the Spanish "end -tech" sector and promote its dissemination and structuring worldwide, including promoting trade missions abroad
  • Increase mutual understanding and interaction between the various actors involved in the "end -tech" sector, both nationally and internationally, through the establishment of stable information channels
  • Provide guidance to businesses and entrepreneurs in order to develop or plan projects in this sector, to identify their needs and channels through which to solve their demands
  • Revise international initiatives that can guide or supplement those developed in Spain
  • Establish channels of information and collaboration with public and private financial institutions, both domestic and international, in order to promote contributions to this economic sector
  • Promote the appropriate training of technicians and managers in "end –tech,” enabling them to manage the transformation of the sector and boost the image of Spain as an international node for training in financial technology
  • Encourage the participation of companies and official institutions integrated into the Security and Defense Cluster in the development and testing of the most advanced security requirements
  • Transfer issues or points of consensus to regulators, both domestic and European, and to the various financial associations, in order to collaborate in the development of an efficient, competitive, flexible and modern regulatory environment

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