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IberoAmerican Finance Forum



One of the key missions of Spain Financial Centre, is to identify and highlight the strengths of Spain as a global financial centre, thus considering of singular relevance the fact of being a country that is home to a large group of prestigious institutions whose main activity (or a significant part of it) is undertaken in the context of the Ibero-American finance.

In order to boost the value of this strength, either nationally or internationally, Spain Financial Centre will promote the interactivity between the institutions of this forum, to increase their mutual understanding and to identify initiatives of common interest that could favor Latin American economic and financial development and that can draw on the content and projects of other vectors of Spain Financial Centre.

The mission of the FIBAF is to drive and coordinate ideas and innovative capacity, to improve the overall position of the member institutions and countries that support them, and to articulate mechanisms that facilitate the channelling of investments and knowledge for the benefit of finance and economy of the Ibero-American region.




Benefit from the strong presence in Spain of multilateral institutions involved in the Latin American financial sector.

Create a node of prestige on the Latin American financial situation under an updated and panoramic perspective.

Exchange of experiences among its members to facilitate cooperation and mutual interaction.

If needed, to produce and disseminate efficiently, joint releases/proposals/reports.

Enhance the design of initiatives/projects/joint events, and add "critical mass" to issues of common concern.

Institutionalize its working mechanism and broadcast its existence.

Take advantage of the network of contacts of each institution, as collector of initiatives and loudspeaker.

Increase the capacity of establishing bilateral and multilateral financial and economic relations between Europe and Latin America.