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Spain Financial Centre


Spain Financial Centre is an initiative of national nature and international projection, driven by the sector and fluently linked to the public administration, which aims to strengthen the international presence of the Spanish financial sector through its link with its foreign counterparts and multilateral agencies, promoting investment flows, information and contacts on both sides of our borders, and especially focused on Europe, Latin America and USA (particularly Miami and New York).

Inspired by the most advanced in Europe and integrated with them through the EU Financial Centres Roundtable, and supported by professionals and personalities of extensive experience in international finance, Spain Financial Centre is set up as an independent and neutral organization that will promote the joint dialogue in the financial sector with public administrations through the financial associations, in order to restore confidence in the financial sector, traditional and alternative, and bring them closer to the real economy.

Spain Financial Centre will promote projects to improve the competitiveness of the sector and the financing business, promoting innovation and financial technology, and will establish stable multilateral forums to analyze the problems and opportunities, and to inspire possible reactions, all aimed at creating a strong brand for the Spanish financial centre and to disseminate their opportunities globally, favoring access of  international financial demand and supply to Spain.