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European Financial Centres


The Roundtable of European Financial Centres was publicly presented in Brussels on 6 September 2012 by Michel Barnier, European Commissioner for Internal Market and Services and by Pablo Rivera, Director General of Spain Financial Centre. This initiative is a key improvement to the relationship between the real economy and the financial sector, and it is also aimed at promoting the European financial centre as a recognizable brand worldwide.

The Roundtable, whose headquarters and coordination rests with Spain  Financial Centre, is acting as one important advisory institution to the EU Commission, that meets regularly to discuss the Action Plan of the Capital Markets Union that will frame all the initiatives on EU financial legislation in the coming years, with special focus on SMEs and Fintech sector.

Apart from its ordinary meetings, the Roundtable entails a constant exchange of information on the initiatives of each country and is setup as a true network of collaboration for the daily tasks and responsibilities of its members.



  • Strengthen mutual interaction between European financial centers and between these and the governing bodies of the EU.
  • Promote European financial services globally and improve competitiveness against Asian and American centers.
  • Restore confidence in financial services and contribute to the dialogue on regulation from a perspective encompassing the interests of the various members of the financial sector and corporate funds applicants.
  • Identify initiatives aimed at encouraging innovation with regard to technology and other shared services attached to the financial industry.




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